About Us

The Market Leader in Government Real Estate

Colliers Government Solutions is the industry’s only comprehensive services platform focused solely on government real estate. Our professionals span multiple disciplines but we work as a team to provide our clients with solutions tailored to the unique and often complex requirements of government-leased properties.

Our Services

The government real estate sector is the largest in the United States. It’s also the most complex because the government’s procedures for acquiring, managing and disposing of real property are subject to layers of regulations, policy, legislation and executive orders. Making sense of it all can be challenging, but Colliers’ Government Solutions team understands how to chart a path to successful execution. In everything we do, we apply a team approach, leveraging the depth and experience of Colliers’ large and diverse global platform.

Our platform consists of four services specifically focused on government real estate: Leasing, Investment Sales, Property Management, and Project Management.

  • Leasing

    Property investors are looking for an edge in leasing space to the federal government. They want someone to guide them through the sometimes murky process, determine how to create winning proposals, maximize asset value and ensure that the lease will stand the test of time. Colliers Government Solutions makes the process manageable and we help position our clients to achieve successful results.

  • Investment Sales

    In an uncertain global economy investors are turning to the security of government-leased investments. Federal, and even certain state- or municipal-leased assets provide solid credit but underwriting the lease structure can be foreign to many investors. To yield the highest value and best deal execution Colliers Government Solutions offers GSAXCHANGE, a team of sales professionals specializing solely in the sale of government-leased properties.

  • Property Management

    Skilled property management is vital to owners of government-leased properties. The manager is the owner’s day-to-day representative and the primary interface with the government tenant. No one has a greater influence on the agency’s satisfaction and, ultimately, the probability of renewal. Colliers understands this and that is why we have developed a property management service tailored specifically to government-leased properties.

  • Project Management

    A unique feature of government leases is that they typically require that property owner to be responsible for the tenant’s buildout or alterations, both at the outset of the lease and throughout its term. Therefore, it’s essential to have a skilled project management team on call. Colliers Government Solutions provides skilled project managers but we take the service a step further: we provide professionals experienced with the unique challenges of these government assignments, such as small business subcontracting, managing multiple stakeholders within GSA and the tenant agencies, and keeping to the schedule.

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