Federal Building Bracket Challenge 2012

In true March Madness style, the GSA is hosting its Federal Building Bracket Challenge 2012, a showdown among sixteen of the most distinctive federal buildings in the United States.  The challenge competes the best of the East Coast buildings with the best from rest of the nation.  The mix – not surprisingly – includes substantial representation from Custom Houses and Courthouses.

My (Kurt’s) performance in guessing the outcome of this competition has been no better than my NCAA brackets.  My favorite buildings in the “East” and “Rest” divisions were both soundly defeated in the first round.  I would have expected the beaux arts enthusiasts to carry Cass Gilbert’s iconic Alexander Hamilton Custom House much deeper into the competition.  And, I think the modernistic Wayne L. Morris courthouse in Eugene, Oregon is, well, cool.  I’ve never visited Eugene but its one building I’d like to check out if I get there.

The Final Four winners will be selected tonight and the national championship will be decided on Monday.  If you want to get in on the action you can vote for your favorite building on GSA’s Facebook page.

**Update** The competition was won by Philadelphia’s U.S. Custom House.

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