Sales Market Insights – Mid-Year 2015

Mid-Year 2015 GSAX Report[1]GSAXCHANGE, the investment sales arm of Colliers Government Solutions, has published its Mid-Year 2015 “Government-Leased Assets” report, which includes an overview of sales activity and trends in the federal sector. 

Some insights from this report:

  • Cap rates on longer-lease term assets continue to trend slightly downward, and cap rates on medium- and shorter-lease term assets drop as investors seek opportunities further down the lease term spectrum;
  • Consolidation of leases, multi-agency occupancy, and relocation of leases to GSA-owned buildings continues to take place;
  • GSA lease solicitation opportunities overall appear to be on the upswing, although the GSA’s occupancy of newly constructed buildings and solicitations for new lease-construct projects continue to decline;
  • Ownership of GSA and other Federal Government-leased property is consolidating.

To read the full report click here.