Where the Federal Leases Are

The U.S. government leases space all across the nation–including in some pretty remote locations. Yet, the bulk of federal government tenancy can be found in just 20 markets. The map above shows the 20 largest markets for U.S. Government leases as measured by Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA)*.

We track nearly 7,000 properties that are leased in whole or in part by the federal government (this includes all of the buildings leased by GSA as well as many other leased by agencies using delegated or statutory leasing authority). Together, these buildings measure 213.4 million rentable square feet. 65% of this space (138.3 million rentable square feet) is located in just 20 market areas.  Chances are that if you are an investor of federal properties, you own something here:

* CBSA is the new term for a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). For more info read this.